Hello, gorgeous!

Welcome to Zipperture Photography, a boudoir and glamour photo studio based in Seattle, WA.

I am Yuliya, the owner and photographer and I am here to remind you of your strength, power and beauty through photographs that will let you see yourself in a new light.

Read the client testimonials below, check out my portfolio and see for yourself what the experience is like for those who have done it.

When you have decided you want to know more – schedule a complimentary consultation with me and let’s dream up your very own photoshoot.


Melted those fears

I worried that I’d feel exposed during the photoshoot. Yuliya melted away those fears within seconds. Her personable and authentic interest in me and how I wished to be portrayed allayed my fears, enabling me to feel much more comfortable than I would have imagined in this setting.

Tiah R.


Memorable experience

This was a wonderful and memorable experience with a talented photographer. My daughter surprised me with a Mother/Daughter photo shoot for my birthday present and honestly at first, I was tentative about it. We started the day with full hair and make-up being done for us-fabulous! Then Yuliya, the photographer started her magic. It was so relaxing and so much fun! She had to stop showing me the photos on the camera because they made me cry! This was a priceless experience of a lifetime. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to my precious daughter and to Yuliya for capturing our love.

Robin B.

Insurance Agent

Made me feel sexy

As a plus size woman with as many rolls as a newborn, I was ashamed of my body. Yuliya made me feel comfortable, sexy and beautiful all within the short timespan of 30 minutes. I can't say enough positive things about my experience. I loved working with Yuliya and will do so again when I can!

Emily R.


My body is powerful

For the last 5 years I have been either pregnant, breastfeeding, or both. This photoshoot helped reclaim my body as my own. I see myself as me again, not just ‘mother’. This shoot really helped me realize my body is powerful and beautiful and mine.

Kaylani P.

Graphic Designer

You are worthy

Yuliya is so fun! She was lively without cheerleading, she was encouraging without pressuring. Having the experience of being witnessed in this usually private part of yourself is a true act of self-empowerment. Yes, you are beautiful. Yes, you are worthy. Yes, you can claim it. It is an intimate experience, and one that Yuliya meets with love, humor, and reverence. It was an honor to be seen through her lens.

Rachel P.


I felt beautiful

I had an incredible time working with Zipperture Photography. Yuliya created a warm, comfortable, fun and exciting work environment where I felt very well attended to, as well creatively encouraged. I was nervous going into the session because I had a horrible experience with a photographer in the past. But I had a great time, I felt beautiful and the results left me radiating with satisfaction! I had so many great options – it was difficult narrowing the images down! I honestly couldn’t be happier!

Angelica D.


A trained artist

Yuliya is incredibly professional, from communicating with you as a client to guiding you as a photographic subject. She was a pleasure to work with throughout. And her photography is stunning! She’s a trained artist, and it shows in her sense of light, color, and composition. I was so pleased with the results of our photo shoot.

Karie L.


Magical and so comfortable

Simply wonderful Yuliya; my experience with you was magical and so comfortable; like we had known each other for years. You truly are an inspiration to me and so many others.

Kelli D.


A healing experience

I felt positive from start to finish. I think many women (including me) have had negative feelings or experiences about how they look or being photographed. I actually felt like working with Yuliya was a healing experience in that she brought joy and enthusiasm to an area where I think a lot of women, including myself, carry a lot of baggage. Yuliya helped me see myself in a beautiful way.

Sophia J.

Studio Values

What Is Boudoir?

Boudoir photography encompasses so much more than getting undressed in front of the camera.

Boudoir photography strips not only your clothing but the layers of defense you’ve built up over the years. It allows you to be vulnerable and to see what may be waiting on the other side of that risk.  It lets you love your body more and begin the journey to the deepest form of self-love.

See my round-up of blog posts that range from vulnerability and growing more confident in your own body to smashing the patriarchy, for those fellow women rebels who think society’s treatment of women needs to change.

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Gift Ideas

Gift Certificates

A Christmas gift to remember

When choosing a gift for a woman you love – be it your mom, sister or spouse – go beyond the traditional gifts. Forget about manicures and spa treatments; as wonderful as they are, the results are rather short-lived.

Instead give a gift of confidence and self-love.


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Hair & Make-Up

Every session includes the services of a professional hair & make-up artist, accentuating your beauty in a way that is authentic to you and your style.

Shooting Time

Photo sessions range from one to two hours, short enough to get the best images while your energy is high and long enough to get the variety of shots you want.


To make you look and feel your best every session includes a styling consultation and access to studio wardrobe, making your clothing selections perfect for you.

Ready to meet in person? Book your complementary consultation today and let’s meet, greet and plan the very best boudoir session for you.

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