Beauty Portraits: Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

I have a secret to tell you. Despite what you may think, very few women actually feel comfortable having their photographs taken.

We worry about our hair: is it frizzy? Does it stick out funny? Does it make my face look large? We worry about our chin: is it too round? Too sharp and pointed? Do I look like I have a double chin?

But there is no other area of our body that we worry about as much as our face. “Make sure to photograph my right side – it is my good side,” I hear. I don’t look good from that angle. My cheeks are fat. My eyes are droopy. I have too many wrinkles. My lips are too thin.

The amount of crippling self-criticism I hear is astounding. Yet I would lie to you if I said I don’t at times think in similar terms.

It probably has to do with the way we were raised. It’s got to do with the culture of beauty we live in and the standards we are supposed to adhere to. Whatever contributed to the endless nitpicking at our features, it feels real, irrefutable and sometimes painful. So many times I hear my female friends exclaim, “Delete that ugly photo of me!” after we take one with our smartphone. It is hard to let go of that perfect image of ourselves we have in our head and to face the reality of looking different under certain light conditions, backgrounds or even based on how many hours of sleep we got the night before.

I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone. To allow yourself to let go of the notions of when you look good and why. To give someone else the chance to show you that you are beautiful; yes, even from that other ‘unflattering’ angle. Let someone defy the idea that you are attractive only in certain conditions. Let someone prove to you just how incredibly beautiful you are.

That someone is me. As a woman, I know what it feels like to stare at your face in the mirror and criticize your looks. I know that we have good days – when we feel on top of the world, and bad days – when we feel somewhere much lower. I can relate to the fear and the pain. But I can also help you overcome it, even if for a little bit.

Time and again I hear “I can’t believe that’s me…”, “I look so…beautiful”, and “Wow, I look so good!”. We are so used to the expectation that we don’t photograph well that when we are proven otherwise, it comes as a complete shock. These truly are the moments I live for – when I help a women realize the depth of her beauty.

Continuing with our theme of leaving our comfort zones, I am happy to show you portraits of Marilynn. Some are in my traditional glamour style. But some are a bit more mysterious, helping capture Marilynn’s beauty in what felt like an appropriate way. Take a look at these stunning portraits, but remember that just like the rest of us, Marilynn is also simply a woman, facing the same struggles as you and I. And that you too can look just as gorgeous, in your own way, in your portraits.

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