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Loving yourself is the greatest revolution.”

I’d like to tell you about Kat.

Kat is the owner of a burlesque company, a make-up artist, an actress and a general femme extraordinaire.

What you may not know if you meet her is that Kat is recovering from years of suffering from an eating disorder. She says she has good days and bad days, some in which she feels beautiful and others not so much.

But she has always been determined to power through, to heal herself bit by bit, to learn to love herself one inch at a time. 

She recently had a death in the family, has gained some weight and have begun to feel like she needed a confidence boost. A reminder that she is beautiful and strong. But having a photo session is a vulnerable experience and doubts plague us all. Kat was considering canceling her session, as close as to just a few hours before we were to meet.

In the end she decided she would do it, even if it was scary to just show up.

Her boudoir session was about self-love, self-acceptance and self-empowerment. She told me afterwards how thankful she was for our time together and for making her feel beautiful.

Kat is on a body love journey just like so many of us, myself included. She is empowering herself and others to feel beautiful, regardless of their weight. She is active in her community and through her burlesque company hopes to foster self-love for women of all shapes and sizes. 

In that her and I have the same mission.

I hope this post inspires you today to stand tall, to tell yourself how badass you truly are. I will be always in your corner, cheering on you to continue your body love journey.

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