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Every since I was a little girl I was drawn to color. Yellow, green, purple: these were my companions for every mood from peppy to sophisticated. I was drawn to the way light alters colors and how the texture of whatever I was wearing would, as if by magic, change its appearance based on light and shadow.

It was no surprise that when the giant knit company Becozi and I started planning a fashion shoot based on color and texture that I was giddy to no end. Chunky knits are a hot trend for a reason – the stitches almost beg you to touch them, their softnessย not just a promise but a guarantee. But it is also the bright colors that draw the eye and make you linger for just a few moments longer, taking in the beauty of these magnificent creations.

As for any fashion shoot, assembling an amazing team is almost a sure way for success. I knew that for styling I would reach out to Lydia Marie, whom I worked with before on my vintage fashion photoshoot and whose impeccable attention to detail, organization and talent for putting pieces together was what I needed for our shoot.

Rachel Jordan of Rachel Jordan Beauty was on board as our hair and make-up artist and her fresh, dewy looks and lovely pastel shadows to accent the eyes were the secret ingredient to pulling together our looks.

And our wonderful models Madi and Michelle brought their best skills to the set and worked marvelously together to channel spring, lightness and fun while keeping the fashion aspect of the shoot alive.

Our efforts were rewarded when several magazines offered us publication but Promo Magazine was the one we chose for their aesthetic and style. You can purchase your own copy of the magazine here.

We are incredibly proud of this collaboration and the images we’ve created. Thank you to all the members of this incredible team for bringing their talent to this shoot.