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Diana & Jaclyn | Seattle Bridal Boudoir Party

“Some souls just understand each other upon meeting.” – N.R. Hart

I am convinced that love at first email is a real phenomenon. Love in this instance implies connection, kinship, spark; a successful unearthing of a kindred spirit.

This is exactly how I felt when Diana first emailed me to inquire about a boudoir shoot for herself and her best friend Jaclyn. Jaclyn was getting married on May 6th and Diana wanted to do something fun to commemorate this joyous occasion. Through the help of Google and a few typed words she stumbled across my website and here we were!

From the mentions of hiking and traveling to Diana’s friendly disposition that shone brightly in her every sentence, it is no wonder I was excited to meet her and start planning their boudoir party (when Diana came to the studio for her consultation she wore a radiant yellow dress. Who doesn’t admire a girl in a yellow dress?)

During our consultation I got to get a glimpse into Diana and Jaclyn’s friendship, their gregarious and adventurous spirit and love for nature, travel and food. Diana amazed me with her fashion sense, style and a creative eye that manifested itself in a number of creative endeavors, including sewing and making clothes. Her easy-going nature with a touch of spontaneity was what we wanted to capture in our images. For Jaclyn we wanted to create sensual and classic images that would mark this amazing time in her life a few months before her wedding. And so our planning began.

I got to meet Jaclyn the day of the shoot and her confidence and power rooted in who she is as a person was immediately visible and something I admired instantly. She was quick to offer a smile but her friendliness was deeply genuine and contagious. I got to hear about the abundance of delicious foods and drinks soon-to-be offered at her wedding, found out that Diana was making Jaclyn’s wedding attire and got to know each of the girls even better.

When Fiona Apple’s Criminal came on the speaker it was time to shoot. The results of our efforts is below and I cannot be more excited to share these photographs. I absolutely love how they turned out and that we were able to capture both Diana and Jaclyn’s personalities while creating beautiful and timeless images.

What an amazing time. Thank you to both these wonderful women for a day of laughter and amazing company.

Getting married or acting as a bridesmaid? Send me an email to talk about setting up a bridal boudoir party for you and the girls.  


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