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Picking out what to wear for your boudoir session should be one of the most fun parts of the process! Here are a few ways to help you make the most out of your preparations.

Ensure Proper Fit

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Unless you are a routine closet cleaner there are bound to be a few pieces of clothing you own that you rarely wear. Perhaps it has sentimental value or you simply like the item but you honestly can’t remember the last time you wore it. Most likely it is either because the item doesn’t fit properly or you don’t like the way it fits.

Same goes for lingerie. You likely have bras that you never wear or teddies from when you first started dating your partner that have seen better days.

DON’T pull those items out of the drawer just to throw them in a bag to bring to your boudoir session. Save yourself the frustration of putting something on in the studio and realizing it is too big or too small. Talk about a mood buster right there! You want to feel amazing during your session and for that you need lingerie that fits.

DO try on all the items you have at home that you are considering and eliminate the ones that don’t fit or feel great. Go lingerie shopping with a girlfriend if you find yourself running low on lacy supplies.

Mix It Up!

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When you pack for your trip to Hawaii, do you bring just one bathing suit or do you try to mix it up? Think along the same lines for your boudoir session.

DON’T bring all two piece sets – you will end with three or four sets of images that all showcase your body in the same way. Trust me, you will want diversity.

DO bring a variety of items: a two piece set, a bodysuit, a sheer robe, a corset with a garter belt, fishnets, heels, lacy nighties, etc. The possibilities are endless! Have fun picking it out a few items that are different from one another that all showcase an asset of your personality you want to play up. Something soft, lacy and light for an innocent look. Something red, black or navy for your sultry set. Something fun-colored or bright for your playful set.

Know Your Lines

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Knowing the shape of your body can help you visually balance out your figure and create beautiful lines with your body.

DON’T simply follow trends because everyone else does. An item or a lingerie piece may look good on one woman but not the other.

DO know your body shape and what works for you. You do you, girl!

Have a fuller top? Accentuate the mid-body line by wearing V-necks, scoop necks and other necklines that minimize the bust and draw attention away from the shoulders. Another great option is a lovely sheer teddy that flares out on the bottom.

Have a fuller lower half? Consider a high-waisted, vintage-style underwear that will draw attention to the waist and visually slim the hips. A bodysuit with a high waist cutouts (think Baywatch and red high waisted swimsuits) is a fun option to play with. The idea is to focus on your bust – corsets, bustiers and push-up bras will highlight the chest, visually evening out your top and your bottom.

Need more waist definition? Waist cinchers, corsets and bodysuits create an illusion of an hourglass shape and highlight the waist. High-waisted panties are another great choice.

Have an hourglass? Two piece sets and bodysuits will look amazing on your and highlight you in all the right places.

For more ideas on what to pick for your body shape, check out this great round-up on Adore Me’s website.

Consider Your Style

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Picking your lingerie is a very personal task. I don’t mean it because of the intimacy of wearing something sheer and lacy, although of course that is a huge part of any boudoir session.

When I say personal I mean unique to who you are as a person. If you an athletic, sporty girl – don’t feel pressured to put on a garter belt, fishnets and high heels. Choose your outfit based on your personality and what makes you, well, you! Going beyond your comfort zone is encouraged only to a degree – if you feel strange and uncomfortable in whatever you are trying on – don’t buy it for your shoot. Make sure you lingerie reflects your style.

A good idea is to sit down and think of what your style is – are you sporty or chic? Are you more formal or casual? Are you attracted to intricate designs or to simple, clean lines?

Knowing yourself in this area will help you truly feel comfortable during your session. You will love your images all the more for it too.

That’s it for the basic tips on choosing what to wear. If you’ve discovered something awesome – please share with us in the comments to help fellow ladies pick out their sets.

And of course don’t forget to schedule your own boudoir session with me. Reach out to chat more about how we can create an amazing experience for you.