lifestyle seattle boudoir photography

Lifestyle Seattle Boudoir Photography

Lifestyle Seattle boudoir photography has become increasingly popular in the past year.

What is considered a lifestyle photoshoot? It simply means that the images are less posed, more casual and relaxed, adding elements of the everyday life into your shoot that creates a sense of coziness, comfort and realism.

Out of all my boudoir photoshoots lifestyle is the one that clients love most. I frequently hear “I actually do this every day” when my beautiful client sits on a windowsill wrapped in a white sheet with a cup of coffee in her hand. The lifestyle aspect creates images that are not only beautiful but also relatable.

In my opinion the key element to a successful lifestyle session is styling. My studio wardrobe includes a loose sweater and a number of thigh highs and tall socks that help create a feeling of being at home, be it relaxing, reading or working.

A few ideas can be reading a book with glasses on and a loose cream sweater that gently slides off one shoulder. Writing in a journal in a lacy underwear set and gorgeous thigh highs. Or even wearing nothing but a white sheet as you prepare your morning coffee.

My natural light studio has a kitchen and a common area that creates a beautiful lifestyle look. I would love for you to see the space and start getting ideas about how we can create a lifestyle boudoir shoot of your dreams.

Send me an email and schedule a tour – see the space for yourself and let’s get creative! 


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