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Pamela | A Story About Queen Anne & the Joy of Giving

Many of my past clients know that I live on Queen Anne hill in Seattle, amidst beautiful greenery, friendly neighbors and a library a mere block away.

The Queen Anne community has been incredible to me from the start. Only four blocks away is Queen Anne avenue with bustling shops and vibrant local businesses. The farmer’s market in the summer is full of colorful displays, jolly dogs to pet and people to chat with. I know many residents here and I hope I am now also known by many now in my fourth year of living here.

The Queen Anners are also a giving bunch. I am part of a Facebook group called Buy Nothing where the whole purpose of the group is to gift each other with things we no longer need or want to part with, and ask for things we are looking to add to our homes.

I have seen gifts ranging from clothing and shoes to the gifting of space in someone’s home for another member’s family visit. This group and its members have big hearts and are not afraid to spread goodness in the world.

I have so much to be grateful for in my life and there are many moments where I am overcome with joy and gratitude for the things that I have. In these moments I like to gift what I can to the community – my time and talent as a photographer.

Back in early April in my excitement and joy for the coming of Spring, for doing what I love and living a life I am proud of, I posted in the group gifting a short boudoir session to a local woman. I had many responses but had to pick only one and Pamela was the recipient of the gift.

In her comment she mentioned that she recently had a baby and would love to get a little pick me up and to feel as the gorgeous woman she is. Plus her husband’s birthday was coming up soon and she had no idea what to get him, so why not something beautiful and memorable like a boudoir album?

I met Pamela on a Saturday morning a few weeks ago and was immediately drawn in by her warmth and kindness.  Her smile radiated positivity and chatting with her was so easy – I felt as though we’ve been friends forever.

During our session we giggled and laughed, tried really hard to keep on ‘sexy faces’ instead of bursting out laughing and, of course, managed to capture beautiful shots of Pamela. I love that we got a few shots of her wearing her husband’s favorite t-shirt with her hair thrown up in a ponytail – it fitted Pamela so well and felt simply natural.

She loved the images and ended up getting an album to gift to her husband.

I love that I got to know a fellow neighbor and an amazing woman – I now have one more friendly face in the neighborhood to say hello to whether it is at the farmer’s market, at the local coffee shop or simply walking around this beautiful part of the city that I call home.

Been dreaming about a boudoir shoot for yourself? Send me an email to talk about the details.  


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