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Overcoming Fear of Being Photographed | Angelica’s Steampunk Boudoir Photoshoot

Are you nervous about being photographed? Or have you ever had a bad experience with a photographer?

Meet Angelica – a talented local actress and a creative soul who had a horrible experience being photographed. 

When she reached out to me wanting to do a headshot session last year, she was very anxious about being photographed. She told me of a really negative experience she’s had with a photographer who took her last headshots, and how she was very weary to be photographed again for fear of having the same experience.

I told her that being vulnerable is part of any photoshoot experience and that I completely relate to being nervous about being photographed. For my own photoshoot I was a wreck the week before, constantly worrying about forgetting something or not looking my best the day of the shoot.

I thought that Angelica was being incredibly brave to reach out and give another photographer a chance after the experience she has been through.

What I told her is what I am confident I can bring to a photo session:

  • I know how to pose women to make them feel comfortable, relaxed and realize they don’t need to be a runway model and know what to do in front of the camera.
  • I connect with the women I photograph, drawing them out of their shells to shine in their images.
  • I bring a lot of laughter and positivity to the way I work and interact with my clients so they are with me every step of the way.
  • I am positive we could create an experience she would love and remember with fondness and joy.

As of today I’ve photographed Angelica three times, her boudoir session being our latest photoshoot.

This incredible woman overcame her fear and took a chance on me and on being photographed, for which I am incredibly grateful. Angelica loves the experience we create together and she keeps coming back for that exact reason.

What fills me with most gratitude is to have helped in empowering Angelica to be confident and strong in front of my camera, comfortable in her own skin and unafraid of being seen.

Ready to connect with your body and celebrate your sexy? Send me an email to talk about a boudoir session just for you.  


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