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Why Printing Your Photos Matters

Last summer my mom came to visit me in Seattle and we got to spend a week together first time in a very long time. Both of us being business owners and working nearly non-stop, it was such a treat to set aside the time to dedicate to simply be together, whether it involved hiking down to Snoqualmie Falls or having a lovely dinner on a patio of one of my favorite Seattle restaurants.

We also decided that we needed to commemorate our time together by scheduling our very own glamour photoshoot, focusing on capturing our love for each other and just how much we mean to one another in photographs we could treasure forever.

We had a blast during our photosession and loved the photos that were taken. Once I had the digitals in hand I knew what I wanted and needed to do right away – print them out.

I immediately ordered several prints from my favorite photo lab and matted these images that are on my wall to this day.

Many clients ask me why prints are so important to me and why they should be important to them too?

Here are some of the things I say with passion as I describe the importance of printing your photos:

  1. We are a digital generation. iPhones have replaced traditional cameras and many of us take several photos on an everyday basis. They get stored in our phone until that annoying message pops up telling us we are out of storage, when we promptly go to our photo collection and delete a handful of images.Very few of us actually save them to the cloud or back them up in any way. So those selfies as well as adventure images get deleted forever, as if they never existed.We go on like this for months, if not years. And then one day we have the urge to look at the photos from that kayaking trip we took with our family but there is nothing left to look at – all the photos are gone. There is no family album or scrapbook where they have been lovingly adhered to the pages to be preserved forever. There is just a void.Printing your images creates a trace. A trail of breadcrumbs that reminds you of your life. Photos remind us of our favorite memories, or times gone by, of people we love who may not be with us anymore.
  2. Last December I lost my grandfather. He struggled for a year after having a series of strokes and finally his body couldn’t take anymore.When I heard the news from my mom my first reaction, almost in panic, was to go looking for photos of him. I was so terrified of not having any. I was so scared I would forget his face, his smile, the way his eyes crinkled when he laughed.For hours I scoured hard drives and then family albums. With so much sadness I realized how very few photos I had of him from the recent years. Him living across the world and us not seeing each other often meant that photos were sparse and whatever was printed was from many years ago when I still lived in Ukraine.In that moment I wished I could go back in time so I could take more photos of him, so I could print them and frame them on my walls.We hear so often that after years of a loved one’s passing our memory of that person starts to blur. We have trouble remembering certain details and wish we could look at them again.That’s what the images are for – for remembering. While we may think we’ll remember something forever the sad truth is that our brains will not.
  3. Printing your images is like taking the feelings you experienced when the photo was taken and infusing them into the image. Each time you look at it you get hit with those feelings all over again.In case of boudoir photography – during your photoshoot you will experience an incredible surge of confidence, power and a feeling of being the most beautiful woman in the world.Wouldn’t you want to continue to savor that feeling? To be reminded of it on days when your world seems less glamorous and perfect?

The reality is that digital images, even when handed to you on a USB, end up in a drawer. Unused, forgotten, put off until a better time comes to finally print them out. Years go by, the USB gets lost in the shuffle and the images are gone forever.

Don’t settle just for digitals. Order than print of yourself. You deserve to exist in photographs. Your life is important enough to preserve, to document, to celebrate. For yourself, for your family, for those who will come after you. 

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