30 Day Body Love Challenge

Hello, gorgeous!

Welcome to my passion project – 30 Day Body Love Challenge!

The task is simple: I am challenging 30 women to experience a boudoir session and begin their journey of loving their body and as result beginning to love themselves.

As women we see too many flaws: a roll here that we hate, a wrinkle there that we despise.

This campaign is about letting you feel confident, beautiful, sexy. It is about letting that inner voice take a break and let a positive experience build you up.

I will be photographing 30 women of all shapes, sizes and ages over the coming few months. If you’ve thought about a boudoir session even once but decided against it because you’re not skinny enough, not pretty enough or not good enough – this challenge is for you.

There is no catch – 30 women will be gifted with a 30 minute boudoir session and one digital file to keep. All I ask in return is your permission to use an image of your choice in my 30 Days Body Love Challenge blog series.

All you need to do is set fear aside and do it!

Fill out the form below and get your spot. Don’t forget to nominate someone you love or someone who you know really needs this.

Make sure to join our Facebook group to meet other women who are taking on the Body Love Challenge.

Thank you so much for your interest in the challenge! The nominations are now closed and the project is underway. Check out the Stars of the Challenge page to see the images and stories of the women who were chosen to participate.

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