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It can be daunting to see what we consider perfect photographs in magazines, newspapers and various online media; and as a result many of us think that we could never look like that.

I have had a number of people tell me that they are ‘not good in front of the camera’. The truth is that no one is good in front of the camera apart from select few models with year of experience. We all worry about what we look like in photographs, models included. But with a little help absolutely anyone can look amazing in pictures.

I am not necessarily talking about hair or make-up, although it does help tremendously to highlight your best features. I am talking about letting yourself feel comfortable, relaxed and most importantly – you. Add good lighting and expert posing – neither of which you need to worry about as that is where I come in – and you have yourself look stunning in every shot. Notice how the ‘after’ photo always has more of a sparkle in the eye, a true spirit captured in a photo. That is what we are after!

I capture and show these before & afters to clients for two reasons. First, to prove that every single woman on this planet is more beautiful than she will ever know. And secondly, to demonstrate that every single woman can look and feel gorgeous in a photograph.

You may tell me you ‘don’t look good in photos’. I dare to disagree and as proof will show you that you can and do look amazing in photographs. It is my job as your photographer to capture you in the most beautiful way and I would love to do just that for you.

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