What is Boudoir?

More than lingerie
``The wild woman speaks with her own voice, walks her path fiercely and dances to the rhythm of her own drum.``

Boudoir photography encompasses so much more than getting undressed in front of the camera. 

As women, our entire lives we were told what to say, what to wear and how to behave. These notions, whether they clash with our internal systems our not, force us to create multiple layers of defenses that we hide behind every day. Think of it as a type of protection: from negative feedback, criticism and most importantly – from hurt.

However what these defenses also accomplish is keeping us from fully experiencing our womanhood, from being fully present in our female nature and from letting our inner wild woman out.

Boudoir photography strips not only your clothing but the layers of defense you’ve built up over the years. It allows you to be vulnerable and to see what may be waiting on the other side of that risk.  It lets you love your body more and begin the journey to the deepest form of self-love.

Not to mention the immediate confidence boost and a feeling of innate sexiness and love for your every curve.

In the few blog posts below I talk about everything ranging from vulnerability and growing more confident in your own body to smashing the patriarchy, for those fellow women rebels who think society’s treatment of women needs to change.

A glimpse into boudoir photography
Helpful Blog Posts

The Magic of Being Vulnerable

Vulnerability is the key to connection, not only with others but also with yourself.

Boudoir Session: a Gift to Yourself First

A boudoir shoot is a ticket to that sacred space within ourselves. For some it will be a first-time discovery; for others it will be like coming home.


Body Love Journey

Kat is the owner of a burlesque company, a make-up artist, an actress and a general femme extraordinaire. What you may not know if you meet her is that Kat is recovering from years of suffering from an eating disorder.


What to Wear for Your Boudoir Session

Choosing what to wear for your boudoir session is arguably one of the most fun parts of the preparation process.

Cloe's Boudoir Session

When women are amazing by their images a lot of them try to give the credit to the photographer for making them look ‘just so’. But the reality is – the photographer would not have been able to capture anything without you present. The magic is created because and thanks to you.

Diana & Jaclyn | Seattle Bridal Boudoir Party

A glimpse into a bridal boudoir party for two best friends, scheduled as a way to commemorate one of them getting married this Spring.

Seattle's Lifestyle Boudoir

Lifestyle Seattle boudoir photography has become increasingly popular in the past year. What is considered a lifestyle photoshoot? It simply means that the images are less posed, more casual and relaxed, adding elements of the everyday life into your shoot that creates a sense of coziness, comfort and realism.


Pamela's Boudoir Session

The joy of giving my time and talent as a photographer is meeting incredible local women and getting to join them on their journey of body love.


Smash the Patriarchy

Despite the female form being depicted in sculptures, paintings and photographs for millennia the female body and how much of it is supposed to be exposed still appears to be an issue that draws a lot of debate.

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