The Experience

I was nervous going into the session because I had a horrible experience with a photographer in the past. But I had a great time, I felt beautiful and the results left me radiating with satisfaction! I had so many great options – it was difficult narrowing the images down! I honestly couldn’t be happier!
-Angelica D., Seattle, WA

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You saw the photographs and you fell in love. You want to know what the next step is and how this all works. I am happy to oblige!

Every photo session is an experience and a process. There are four steps to every session:

  1. Consultation

    When you reach out to me and inquire about a session, the first thing I will offer you is a complimentary consultation. What is a consultation and why do we need one? A consult is a crucial part of every photoshoot experience as this is where we get to dream up and design your session. We meet in person and you get a chance to see my studio, my work and my beautiful products. But most importantly, this is where I get to find out more about you, your vision, your idea, your dream of being photographed in a certain way. This is the time we get to dream of playing dress-up and decide on what kind of outfits suit your personality best. We talk jewelry, make-up, hair and props. We find out how you want to be photographed. 

    This is also where we narrow down the details such as when we shoot, who we are shooting with (yourself, your mom, your daughter, your child, your spouse, etc.), and other important details. You learn about the beautiful products I offer and their respective cost. We talk about what type of art works best for your home and how you’d like to use your portraits.

  2. Photoshoot

    Depending on the length of the session you selected as well as whether you opted for professional hair and make-up, the length of the session will be anywhere between 30 minutes and 3 hours. Why such a great range? Hair and make-up application takes about an hour per person, and the sessions with multiple participants take a bit longer as we are photographing a greater number of people.

    But this is the part where we get to smile, laugh, dance, and play in front of the camera. We capture the real, authentic you, both in more serious portraits as well as smiling ones. I direct and pose you in the most flattering way while making you look effortlessly natural and gorgeous.

    You will leave the photoshoot feeling beautiful inside and out. The transformation has only just begun.

  3. Viewing and Ordering Session

    About a week to two weeks later, we get together again in my studio for the grand reveal. This is where you finally get to see your stunning photographs!

    You peruse and pick which ones you love most, I help select or offer an opinion or advice that worked well for other clients. You select your products, pay for what you choose to keep and I start working on putting together your final products.

  4. Delivery/Pick-Up

    After the given time frame I will deliver your photographs to you or have you stop by the studio to pick them up. Even if it’s July on the calendar, you will certainly feel like it’s Christmas morning as you unwrap your photographs. Your gorgeous photos are now yours and ready for framing, gifting or sharing online.

Questions? Feel free to get in touch with me here and I’ll be happy to cover anything I might have left out.

Ready to book? Head over here to design your session today!